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An Intro to 27 Years of Walking Through the Gauntlet

Marie Julie Jahenny Remedies for Our Times

[English Audio] - Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to Come for Those Who are Inoculated with covid 1984 jab

Heaven's Peace Plan - The First Five Saturdays asked by Our of Fatima.


Saint Peter’s Chair at Antioch

St. Margaret of Cortona

Some Patristic Sources on the Feast of the Chair of St Peter

There is a wealth of peaceful, prayerful heritage in the old churches across our land  

Signs of Our Times: Our Lady’s Powerful words: “You cannot imagine what is going to happen nor what the Eternal Father will send to earth.

Christ’s Revelation Is Built Upon Natural Law

Padre Pio relics to form a cross across America

Open Letter to Priests from Young Catholic: Why Don’t You Do Anything Against the Ruin of Eucharistic Worship?

'Oh these lazy thinkers - they know nothing of a world of mind...!'

Pope John Paul II and the Chair of Peter

Washington bill that would have forced priests to break Seal of Confession is ‘dead’

The Catch-22 of Vatican City justice

Rock of Ages…But Some Loose Stones

Spiritual Warfare: Bring in the Reserves

A Vatican II Moment: The Chicken Dance Mass

Pewsitters Are The Biggest Problem.

New report details atrocities of persecution in Nigeria with 8,000 Christians killed last year alone

Immoral Cardinal: Catholic Sexual Morality Is "Defective"

Nigerian Archbishop: ‘No Possibility of Blessing Same-Sex Couples’

To Bless or Not to Bless – About the Vatican Declaration Fiducia Supplicans

Attacks on Churches Have Increased 800% in the Last Six Years

Church-taxed Germany: 650 Catholic churches are demolished or repurposed

German taxi driver who converted from Islam fined over Bible quote sticker

Does Pope Francis Have All The Markers Of An Apocalyptic Figure?

A Yes-Man: "I'm Absolutely in Line with the Pope"

Korean Priest Blesses LGBTQ+ Couple, While More Bishops Issue Condemnations

Heterodox bishop praises incoming Biden climate chief who ran Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign ???

U.S. Bishops Enable Invasion of 10 Million Illegal Aliens Under Biden Administration

The 7 Other Planets in Our Solar System Will Form a Line as the Path of the Great American Eclipse of 2024 Crosses America

To Understand The Globalists We Must Understand Their Psychopathic Religion

No Sacred Space: Christian Worship Is Under Attack and the Government Doesn’t Care

Church Attacks in America Doubled in 2023

Australian police arrest former Broome bishop in child abuse probe

Former nun raises allegations of abuse against priest Rupnik

Pornographic Films: Rupnik Victim Comes Out In Person

Fani Willis Accepts Award at Church After Confirming Affair with Married Man

Mother refuses doctors’ suggestion to abort twin daughter

Abortion Center Closed Down and Its Building is Now For Sale

Pro-Life Activists Rip NAACP for Its Support of Abortion, ‘the Ultimate Racism’

Are Scientific Journals Knowingly Publishing False Research To Promote Abortion Ideology?

Since 1986, Louisiana Law Has Confirmed Human Embryos are Human Beings

University Pauses IVF After Alabama Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Children

Scientists can now grow synthetic human embryos in a lab without an egg or sperm

New Hampshire lawmakers reject effort to ‘allow abortion up until the moment of birth’

Are later abortions as ‘rare’ as they’re portrayed to be? Get the facts.

Multiple Studies Show Abortion Pills are Dangerous for Women

Illinois Democrat Wants Parents Who Refuse Abortion, "Gender-Affirming" Care for Kids Charged With Abuse

Death of Catholic former Dutch prime minister highlights ‘duo euthanasia’ trend in Netherlands

Ecuador Decriminalizes Euthanasia Amid Debate

Montana State Attorney Moves to Drop Case Against Kolstad Family Amidst Public Outcry and Media Storm

New Biden Regulation Would Force Gov’t Schools To Bow Before ‘Gender Identities’

Cardinal Dolan says St. Patrick’s priests ‘acted extraordinarily well’ during ‘transgender funeral’


How Many More Female Athletes Will Be Injured by Trans Players Before Biden Gives Up Trying to Rewrite Title IX?

German Theologians Seek Pro-LGBTQ+ Revisions to Vatican Licensing Process

Trans Activist Assaults Pro-Life Students at Virginia March for Life

“Don’t Touch the Kids,” Putin Tells Russia’s Sodomites

Seattle Activists Declare 'Homosexual Intifada'                              2/22


Saint Severianus, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Peter Damian’s Story

Peter Damian’s Book of Gomorrah

Blessed Brother Didace Pelletier, Confessor

Cardinal Muller; "DBK has no authority to tear its dioceses away from unity with the Pope and the Catholic Church”

Abp. Vigano: Cupich is absolutely right: the conciliar religion of the Bergoglian church finds its prayerful expression in the reformed liturgy.

Next One in Francis' Crosshairs: US Bishop Forbids Sodoma supplicans

'Gender ideology has penetrated the Church,' Spanish archbishop warns

Again dissatisfaction with Lenten cloths in Tyrol and Vienna

Vienna Cathedral Turns Jesus Upside Down for Lent


Vatican sponsors youth guide promoting 'values' of 'heretical' interfaith Abu Dhabi document

"Conservative" Bishop Persecutes Conservative Community

VIDEO — ‘God Heard Our Prayers!’: Hundreds Baptized in Florida Party School’s Fountain

Proposed Hong Kong law could cut off island’s Catholics from the Vatican

Christians Must Get Serious if They Hope to Challenge the Leftist Culture

Biblical Morality Is a Necessity for Freedom . . . and Americans Have Known It for Centuries

Sanctuary Churches Are Helping to Facilitate the Invasion of Our Country

Police Arrest Homosexual Priest for Trafficking Viagra


NY Cardinal Praises Cathedral’s Handling of ‘Sacrilegious’ Funeral for Trans Prostitute

USA: All But One Catholic Women’s Colleges Accept Transvestite Men

Enlightenment pragmaticism versus sacred revolt  

The Brew: Church Attacks in U.S. Doubled in 2023, as Texas Professor Fired for Teaching Biology in Biology Class Gets Job Back

State Supreme Court Rules Embryos ARE Children!

Abortion-vulnerable Hungarian woman takes advantage of life-saving adoption option

Pro-Abortion Leftists Are Mad Texas’s Heartbeat Law Saved Thousands of Nonwhite Babies

Casual Sex and Contraceptives Are so Normalized That Young Women Are Popping Plan B Like It’s Candy

Two More Stories Remind Us Why Porn Is NOT as Harmless as They Claim

Our Young People Are The Product Of The Western World's Dying Culture

British Parliament rejects ban on conversion therapy

Catholic Parents Ask for Supreme Court’s Help After Losing Their Son for Not Allowing Him to Become a Tranny

San Diego teachers sue California governor and attorney general for forcing them to conceal transgender status of children from parents

ORWELLIAN: Transgender Efforts to Silence Biological Truth Reach the State Department        2/21


Saint Eucherius, Bishop of Orleans

St. Wulfric

Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto’s Story

St. Francisco of Fatima’s deep love of the Eucharist

Saint of the Day Quote: Martyrs of Tyre


Jesus’s favourite reference when preaching: the Book of Psalms  

15 Signs of a Toxic Spiritual Director

Largest Bishops Conference in Africa: Francis Hurts Church Unity

The ‘two speed Church’ agenda for the synod

"The imprecise pontificate"

Papal delegate to Foyers de Charité resigns

EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Dolan praises priest who presided at 'trans' funeral in New York cathedral

Cathedral Holds “Mass of Reparation” After Sacrilegious Funeral for Atheist, Tranny Prostitute

Nearly 10,000 urge Cardinal Dolan to exorcise St. Patrick’s Cathedral after sacrilegious ‘trans’ funeral

Cathedral Apologizes After Trans-Advocate’s Funeral Fracas

Scottish priest accuses church of systematic harassment

Courage at What Cost?

Freemasonry wants a "mea culpa", Catholic Church commits examination of conscience

Vatican warns German bishops of ‘legal consequences’ over disputed ‘Synodal Committee’  

Cardinal Schönborn to DBK: “Refusing to give in would be a sign of a schism”

Devotional: Sometimes You Just Have to Wait on God

Christians Must Get Serious if They Hope to Challenge the Leftist Culture

Why Protestants Convert to Catholicism

Three Church Leaders Arrested in China While Leading Congregation’s Children in Worship

Meathead, Meet John Q. Adams, ‘Christian Nationalist’

A Catholic Family Day

Absolute Surrender

Brownsville Priest Arraigned on Child Trafficking and Sex Abuse Charges

One-third of Christians arrested in Iran targeted for possessing multiple Bibles

Mother thanks paramedics after giving birth to preemie twins at home

New Report Shows 89,000 Babies Saved From Abortions Since Roe v. Wade Overturned

This Pro-Life Sign Saved a Baby From Abortion 

Alabama Supreme Court rules embryos created via IVF are human children

Children Should Not be Euthanized Just Because They’re Disabled

Canadian abortion activists fail in their attempts to discredit pro-life pregnancy centers

Maryland governor announces $15 million in abortion funding

America’s “Most Hated Abortion Clinic” Opens For Business, Murdering Babies Up to 34 Weeks

Divine Wrath: Decadent Ireland Destroys Itself

This Washington D.C. Abortionist is Committing Infanticide and He Must be Stopped

Abortion is a satanic perversion of both motherhood and medicine

Canada scores world record for organ donation euthanasia

Lutheran Preacher Says “Drag Queen Story Hour” Is an Example of Degenerates Being a “Good Samaritan” to Children

TORCHED ‘EM: Missouri secretary of state candidate uses flamethrower to burn “GROOMING” books in viral video

EXCLUSIVE: Trans Activist "Family Bloggers" Who Lived In Feces-Covered Home Arrested On Charges Of Endangering The Welfare Of Their Child

Cardinal McElroy Claims Opponents of Homosexual Couple “Blessings” have an “Enduring Animus Towards LGBT Persons”

About that funeral … What happened at a controversial NYC liturgy last week?

Hmm, for Some Unknown Reason There Seems to Be a Pedophilia Epidemic Among Sodomites and Trannies

Researchers Find No Proof Transitioning a Kid Reduces Suicide, Probably Makes It Worse

State Dept. releases 'equity action plan,' promotes LGBT causes in foreign policy

Trannies and Their Allies Are Freaking out About a Women-Only Lesbian Bar

Girls high-school basketball team forfeits after trans player injures 3 players in Massachusetts

Anti-Catholic Drag Queen Busted for Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor          2/20


Saint Conrad of Piacenza, Hermit

Bl. Alvarez of Corova

Saint Barbatus, Bishop of Benevento

Facing the Peril of Docetism


First Sunday of Lent: Purified and Perfected by Penance

Saltem Diebus Dominicis: The Devil, Temptations, and You

Christian martyrdom – the highest act of love

Christian converts slaughtered for confessing faith in Jesus; 4 children now orphaned

Want to wear Christ’s crown of thorns? In Mexico, you can.

Bishop Strickland: Reflecting on the reality of hell is a ‘wake-up call’ to repent

....It’s called “Google”: know who’s using your church building

Bishop Strickland: Pastors must speak up for the truth because ‘souls are in jeopardy’

Pastor goes viral for video urging repentance amid backlash to 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl ad

“Pope… WHEN he is EXPLICITLY a heretic, he falls ipso facto..out of the Church & the Church MUST either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See.” (The Catholic Controversy, by Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306)

Cardinal Schönborn to DBK: “Refusing to give in would be a sign of a schism”

San Diego Cardinal McElroy says people complaing about Kissy and Francis's evil Fiducia have a 'anti-gay animus'

Rome says ‘nein’ to German bishops’ synodal committee vote

Strange: Vatican Begged German Bishops To Cancel Vote

Another letter from Rome to the German bishops

Let God Be True and Every Human Being a Liar: A Word of Encouragement to the Global Prayer Movement

‘It’s Sickening’: Catholic Cross Defaced With Muslim Symbols in Islamized France


Is Francis planning for a "Pope James Martin" or a "Pope Tucho"?: @OnePeterFive Pope Francis Attempts to Rig the Next Papal Election "Professing to “return to the early Church”, the idea would be to have cardinal-electors, the majority of whom Pope Francis has chosen, comprise seventy-five percent of the vote, while the remaining twenty-five percent would be made up of laymen and women and religious sisters, papally appointed by Pope Francis in advance of the Apostolic See becoming vacant." -Montagna

Funeral of the Big Whore: Responsible Now Claim that They Didn't Know Anything..

Investigation Clears U.K. Doctor Who Tried to Save Patient's Life Against Hospital's Wishes 

Francis' Appointments: Not Pastoral but Political

Globalists aiming to “peacefully” depopulate six billion people with mass euthanasia

Is America ‘On The Precipice Of Christian Invisibility’?

Sunny Side of The Stream: Leading Party School, Florida State, Sees Mass Baptisms in School Fountain

‘Conscience Before Conformity’: What the White Rose Students Can Teach Today’s Young Scholars

A Hard Look At Post-Christian Times

British police threaten street preacher with 'hate crime' charge for sharing Bible verses

Your Friendly Neighborhood Satan Club… Teaching Children To Call Evil Good And Good Evil

Understanding Freemasons: Coccopalmerio Has "Evolved"

Independent Journalist Infiltrates FREEMASON Lodge, Exposes Bizarre Rituals!

She had treatment for a devastating ectopic pregnancy and knows it was not an ‘abortion’

Violent Abortion Activists Attack Peaceful Pro-Life Americans

State wants parents charged with abuse if they oppose kid's abortion

Christian organization sues Quebec for canceling event over pro-life beliefs

Woman’s husband found her ‘passed out in puddle of blood’ after taking mifepristone

Bogus Study Falsely Claims Abortion Pill is Not Dangerous for Women

Christians warn against German bill that aims to crack down on pro-life prayers

Maryland governor announces $15 million in abortion funding

Russian Federal Agents Shut Down ‘My Little Pony’ Convention on Grounds It Is ‘LGBTQ Propaganda’

Rainbow Mouse Logo Spotted at 'Pride' Parade Reveals Disney and Kleenex Have Gone All-In on LGBT Agenda

Teen facing felony charges for leaving tire marks on LGBT progress pride intersection

Library shuts down over 'sexual intercourse in full view of patrons and staff'

Even a Catholic country like Mexico isn’t immune to the tyranny of gender madness

North Carolina Human Rights Campaign welcomes pedophile

Transgender free-for-all at St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral in New York

Protecting Pedophiles Included in Democrat-Supported Plan in Congress      2/19


Saint Francis Regis Clet, Lazarist Missionary, Martyr

St. Alexis Falconieri

The Servite Saints of the Virgin Mary

The Story of the Seven Founders of the Servite Order

Saint Flavian, Patriarch of Constantinople, Martyr

The Eucharistic Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas

Why St. Bernadette has a feast day in February and April

Excellent quick morning prayer to hone your bearing during Lent



Facing the Peril of Docetism

‘To Build Our Brothers Up’: Companions for Christ Answers Call for Community for the Diocesan Priesthood

Todos Todos Todos! "Cruel" Bishop Bans Mass in Austin



Cardinal Muller: Fiducia Supplicans is Contrary to the Church's Teaching

Cardinal Müller: Fiducia Supplicans ‘leads to heresy,’ Catholics cannot accept it

Cardinal Zen/Hong Kong with fundamental criticism: “How will the synod continue and end?”

The elephant in Augsburg: Bishops to weigh synodal committee’s fate

Italian Prelates Participate in Freemasonry Seminar

Priest who gave Wahlberg and Roumie ashes talks Lent

Letter to the American Church

100 young Africans become Christian influencers

Over 8,000 Christians killed in Nigeria in 2023, watchdog estimates

Pope Names DeathVax Scientist to Pontifical Academy for Life

Pope Francis’ atheist adviser was not happy after a LifeSite reporter asked her this question

Self-Proclaimed ‘Atheist’ City Official Targets Home Church, Demands Christians Stop Meeting

Liz Yore to trads who claim America is collapsing because it’s a Freemasonic country: ‘The Masonic globalists are the one’s destroying America because of its popular representation, freedom, and Christian faith’

Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church decries human impact of war as divorce rate hits all-time high

Your brother was dead and is alive again!

Almost All 'Catholic' Women’s Colleges Admit Men Who Identify as Women

Why Its Going To Be So Compelling For The World To Worship The Antichrist

Panamanian Cardinal Resigns After Disappearance Incident

Christians warn against German bill that cracks down on pro-life prayers

Women are intentionally becoming single mothers. How does this affect children?

Maryland Governor Moore Spends $5 Million to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

Leftists Say They Don’t Like Late-Term Abortions but Then Lament They Can’t Kill More Babies After 34 Weeks

Violent Abortion Activists Attack Peaceful Pro-Life Americans

Abortions climb to record levels in Ireland with over 10,000 in 2023

Joe Biden Uses Old Law Targeting KKK to Put Pro-Life Americans in Prison 

California Wants to Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions

UK Retail Store Sends Gender Identity Magazine With Tips For Chest-Binding Children To 70,000 Employees

“I Don’t Feel Mature Enough to See Any Man’s P****”: Students Forced to Confront School Board Over Woke “Inclusive” Bathroom Policy

Teachers Sue Gavin Newsom Over Policy Forcing Them to Lie About Student’s Transgender Status to Parents

Greece becomes first Orthodox Christian country to legalise same-sex marriage

Sodoma-and-Gomorra Funeral In New York Cathedral


“Mother of All Whores”: Hundreds of Trannies Flock to Cathedral in Fetish Gear to Honor Atheist, Tranny Prostitute

College LGBT Ash Wednesday event claims Bible's condemnation of homosexuality is 'Christian fake news'

North Carolina RINOs Attack Conservative Lt. Governor Mark Robinson for Defending Women’s Bathrooms

Proposed “Genderful” School Designed for Young Children to “Explore Their Gender” in “Affirming” Environment

Teachers Caught Grooming Kids In Maine: School Allows ‘Gay Sexuality Clubs’ With Teachers

Minnesota School District Allows Muslim Families to Opt Out of LGBTQ Curriculum

Spanish Bishop Blasts Evils of Porn

Spanish Jesuit: We Already Bless Homosexual “Marriages”

Life-Long Charity Volunteer Fired for Not Understanding Pronouns 

DeSantis: Biden Sneaks Plan to ‘Impose Gender Ideology on K-12 Schools’                           2/17


Saint Onesimus, Bishop and Martyr

St. Daniel

Saint Gilbert of Sempringham’s Story

Saint John de Britto, Martyr


Cardinal: A Division "Never before Seen in the Church" Looms

Cardinal Zen/Hong Kong with fundamental criticism: “How will the synod continue and end?”

What the media misses with its cynical take on ‘Gen Z’ embracing traditional Catholicism  

Scaffolding Begins To Be Removed in Paris’ Notre Dame, Revealing New Spire With a Golden Phoenix Celebrating the Rebirth-From-The-Flames Cathedral

"Generally Speaking, Cardinals Are Men of No Faith"

Rift between Vatican and Israel grows after Gaza remarks by top papal advisor   

Nuncio Eterović: “The Word of God encourages us to rediscover the value of confession”

"Generally Speaking, Cardinals Are Men of No Faith"

Prominent clergy and scholars sign collective letter requesting Pope to retract Fiducia Supplicans

"But you make it a den of thieves"

Argentine Archbishop: Francis Is a Despotic Demagogue

Archbishop Aguer: The confusion of Francis’ papacy has only worsened as he’s gotten older

Of “Healing Priests” and Other Strange Intrusions

What if the Vatican actually goes broke?

INFOGRAPHIC: Freemasonry – the mystical body of the Antichrist


Milan archbishop to attend ‘dialogue’ seminar with Italian Freemasons

Proposed Hong Kong Law Sparks Fears of Religious Persecution

Priest denies Virgin Birth. Catholic? Evangelical? Anglican? – “God laughs at it”

Washington State Bishops Reportedly Under AG Investigation for Abuse

Faithfully Armed: Reflections on the Lakewood Church Shooting

“Laugh-out-loud clean comedy”: Confessions of a Catholic Single

Anti-Christian Propaganda At Super Bowl: ‘He Gets Us’ Presents FALSE GOSPEL

Christian leaders abandon faith in Christ, push “mental health” and trusting medical doctors as solutions for life’s problems

Religious NGOs: The Hidden Players in America’s Illegal Immigration Crisis

Adventure novel ‘Catholic Joe: Superhero’ defends marriage, takes on Church corruption

Why Its Going To Be So Compelling For The World To Worship The Antichrist

Catholic Mother of 2 Killed in Shooting at Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade

Mother Bravely Refuses to Abort Her Twin Daughter

Call to Action for Pro-Lifers in Chicago

40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Saves Baby From Abortion on Day One

These women’s deaths demonstrate that legal abortion doesn’t mean ‘safe’ abortion

Ireland Killed Over 10,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year 

Minnesota March for Life Condemns Killing 12,000 Babies in Abortions Every Year 

Inside a Ukrainian Baby Factory

‘Catholics for Choice’ group sends pro-abortion speaker to Catholic college

Five Full-Term Babies Were Brutally Slaughtered in Abortions. Where’s the Outrage?

Colorado Suicide Bill Eradicates Discernment Time

INSANE: Biden Regime Sues State of Tennessee Over Law Punishing Prostitutes for Knowingly Spreading HIV – Claims Law Violates the Americans with Disabilities Act

‘Deepfake’ Danger: Children Who Exploit Other Kids Online Using Pornographic Imagery

Surgeon Who Performs Transgender Vaginoplasties: Complications ‘Can Be Pretty Bad’

‘Queer’-Affirming Student Group Sponsors Glitter Ashes on Ash Wednesday

U.S. Jesuits Bolster LGBTQ+ Outreach

90 year-old woman fired by MS Society for not understanding pronouns.

NBC Obfuscates Child Pornography Charges Against Oklahoma Drag Queen Principal           2/16


Saints Faustinus and Jovita, Martyrs

St. Walfrid

Saint Claude de la Colombière’s Story

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Claude de la Colombičre


21 Coptic saints honored on February 15 in the Roman Rite

God is the principal cause of all the effects in the universe

Mother Teresa’s 10 essential ways to grow in humility


Rising From the Ashes: The Legacy of the First Benedictine Monastery

Pope pays tribute to Albanian Cardinal Simoni, calling him "a living martyr"

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of forty days of spiritual battle and penance

Knights launch novena for peace and healing in Ukraine

Prepare Yourselves to Live a Eucharistic Lent

Prayers for Detestation of Our Sins

Fasting by Slowing Down

Cardinal Roche Is an Evasive Prelate

Of “Healing Priests” and Other Strange Intrusions

Catholic head of Polish conference, Abp. Gadecki isn’t even 75 yet and Francis is getting the axe ready

USA: Two More Dioceses Return To Kneeling

Strong families will be the ones to save the Church during these troubling times

Anything But the Cross

Amid scandal, Strasbourg auxiliary bishop resigns for 'health reasons'

Pontifical Academy for Life president claims Catholic moral teaching 'requires continued reflection'

Louis is a missionary from his wheelchair

Want to Slash Your Risk for Divorce? Start Going to Church

In Ash Wednesday Message, Mark Wahlberg Reveals Power of Prayer

5 Inspiring Catholics to follow during Black History Month

Chiefs Star Turns to God as Super Bowl Parade Is Marred by Shooting: 'Join Me in Prayer'

EU Resolution Blames Climate Change for Massacre of Nigerian Christians

The False Christianity of “He Gets Us”

Religious NGOs Use Faith to Justify Lucrative Illegal Immigration

Will Islam take over Europe?

Being a Christian in a pluralistic society

Georgetown ("Catholic") students mock Ash Wednesday by drawing butts on foreheads to celebrate 'A** Wednesday'

CCP Is Pressuring Believers Not to Raise Their Children in the Christian Faith

Mom Gives Birth to Premature Twin Babies at Home, They’re Doing Great

Though their three-day marriage ended in tragedy, God brought new life

Mother shares beautiful life of 10-year-old with Trisomy 18: ‘We just love our little girl’

Woman finds hope and healing after ‘horrific’ chemical abortion

40 Days for Life Campaign Begins in 656 Cities, Hundreds of Thousands of People Pray to End Abortion

German government admits: Censorship zone plan around abortion organizations without data basis!

Opponents blast ‘appalling use’ of Scottish funds for sperm and egg donation campaign

73,000,000 Abortions Happen Worldwide Each Year 

Pro-Abortion Valentine’s Day Cards Claim Killing Babies is Loving

Illinois bill would charge parents with abuse for trying to prevent a minor’s abortion

Joe Manchin Sponsors Bill for Abortions Up to Birth, Claims He’s “Pro-Life”

Colorado Suicide Bill Eradicates Discernment Time

Media romanticizes euthanasia deaths of former Netherlands Prime Minister and wife

Canada is Urging People to Kill Themselves in Assisted Suicides Who Aren’t Even Terminally Ill 

Biden admin submits rule to force all public schools to embrace LGBT ‘identities’

Indiana launches website for parents to report LGBT, racial indoctrination in schools

Degenerate LGBTQ Ministers Accused of Mocking Christians With “Glitter Ash Wednesday”

LGBTQ Glitter Destroys the Spirit of Ash Wednesday

NCAA Official Resigns Over Tranny Policies in Women’s Sports: “Authorized Cheating”

Proposed State Bill Would Force Schools to Help Transition Children Who Question Their Gender      2/15


Saint Valentine, Priest and Martyr

Saints Cyril and Methodius, and, Yes, Valentine

Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Stories

The Incorrupt Life of Saint Catherine de Ricci

Vatican remembers Coptic martyrs of Libya


Saint John Baptist of the Conception – The Reformer of the Trinitarians

Lent With Saint Thomas More

Our Lady of Good Success: did she accurately predict current events?

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of forty days of spiritual battle and penance

The Ashes of Valentine

France: Catholics are becoming more and more conservative

Texas diocese reportedly directed by the Vatican to end Traditional Latin Masses at its cathedral

On the Record: Lenten listening for heart and soul as Ash Wednesday dawns

No Other Problems? Tucho Chases Mystical Abuse

Our Lady has given the Church an appointment with the third secret

Bishop Varden: ‘By climbing we learn to pray’

Did Lent sneak up on you? Here are some tips.

Ashes to Go

The “ripple effect” during Lent: When small stones draw large circles

Can the Sacrament of Reconciliation even extend to Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz? 

Finding Hope in the Desert

California dioceses to kneel at 'Lamb of God'

5 interesting facts about Ash Wednesday, Lent

Canada archdiocese gives guidance on MAiD

A priest's incredible departure from this world

Francis' Flop: Strasbourg Auxiliary Bishops Resigns At 51 - Less Than Three Years As Bishop

Being a Christian in a pluralistic society

Hindu nationalists threaten Catholic school over Ash Wednesday observance

Liturgical or Pastoral? Milei Receives Communion In St Peter's Basilica

Speyer: 15-year-old raped at carnival party of the 'Catholic Young Community'!

Rome: Deranged American Black Hebrew Israelites storm a Basilica and threaten Catholics inside before being put in their place by a brave Catholic

A Papacy Fit fot the End Times

Hong Kong Activist: Proposed Law Could Worsen Religious Liberty, Persecute Catholics

Catholics Pan Gay Blessing Fr. James Martin faces pushback on social media

Vienna Cathedral: Christ Is Upside Down

Canterbury Cathedral’s ‘Rave in the Nave’ Draws the Ire of Believers and Nonbelievers

Bishop Weisenburger Attempts to Gaslight The Faithful on Illegal Immigration

Catholic Church Condemns Assisted Suicide: “We Uphold the Dignity of All Human Life” But the Majority of the Clergy Support Those Who Promote It

Christians Are Livid Over 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl Commercial - 'Pure Blasphemy'

The Ideology of Evolution: It's Time to Dispel This Lie

Devil In The Details: Socialism— The Wave Of The Future Or A Failed And Bankrupt Ideology

Pro-Life Lenten Prayer Campaign Prays for Women Considering Abortions

She lost four siblings to abortion. Now she’s pro-life.

Babies are So Cute, How Could They be Killed in Abortions?

Families need help, but an abortion business ‘pantry’ isn’t the place to get it

Pro-Life Advocate Says Fatherlessness is the “Most Ignored Crisis”

IVF pioneer slams the modern-day fertility industry

Joe Biden Claims He Opposes Abortions Up to Birth, But That’s What His Administration Promotes

Controversial Super Bowl ad fails to show how the pro-life movement ‘washes feet’ every day

Pew study paints a picture of the average US atheist

Democrat states are nationalizing euthanasia in America

Pastor accused of dealing meth out of rectory

James Martin AGAIN Violates FS by Blessing Homosexual Relationship Instead of Individuals

Review of 60+ studies explodes left-wing claims that 'gender transitions' help children

Christian UPS Driver Takes on the Corporation Over Extreme LGBT and Anti-Christian Work Environment

“Gender Nightmare”: Why Even Secular People Are Sounding the Alarm on “Medical Atrocities”

 “Gender-Affirming Care” Is a Marketing Term Used to Make Money Off Tranny Delusions

Commiefornia Couple Pleads Guilty Over Gender Reveal Party That Sparked Deadly Wildfire

Let’s Talk About the Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter Trend the Media Are Trying to Hide

Demonic Insane Woke Abusers Target Children

The Lucrative Business of Transgenderism

Houston PD Criticized For Agonizing Over Church Shooter's Correct Pronouns              2/14


St. Catherine de Ricci, Virgin

Saint Giles Mary of Saint Joseph’s Story

Blessed Bishop Ambrose Leblanc, Franciscan Provincial

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Antony Cauleas

St. Scholastica’s fraternal charity with her brother St. Benedict is an example of true Christian love

Did you know Fat Tuesday honors the Holy Face of Jesus?

Fat Tuesday and the Golden Calf of Self-Indulgence

11 years ago today, Pope Benedict attempted to create an Expanded Petrine Ministry, failed to do so out of Substantial Error, and thus remained Pope until his death

Let Children Aim High This Lent

Moving the Overton-Window on “Schism”

Cardinal Müller: Efforts to Explain ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ Add to Confusion Over Document

Cardinal Müller: Francis Has Relapsed into Paganism

France: Young religious couple renovates rotting little church for the baptism of their child

Syro-Malabar bishop demands 'exemplary action’ over elephant attack


Foreign priests barred from getting U.S. Visas. Will any Catholic media blame the White House rather than border control proponents?

Carnival Novus Ordo in Germany: The Great Devil Was

Italy and the Catholic Church still riven by pernicious politics of memory  

Christian campus ministries report spike in interest as ‘lost’ Gen Z seeks meaning, guidance

Michigan priest convicted of stealing from priests

An Open Border Policy Is Not a Biblical Mandate

Nigeria fast becoming a hostile killing field, Catholic bishops in Ibadan province say  


During the Super Bowl, leftists crusaded to recreate Christ in a cultural Marxist mode

Will we allow cyborg ambition and abortion to defeat Christian protest?

Parish in the Diocese of Linz ignores instructions from Rome

Indian state of Assam: Radical Hindus act against Christian symbols in schools

Controversy Over ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Commercial 

America Is Reaping The Whirlwind We Have Sown: As Our Nation And Leaders Embrace Satan & Globalism While Sacrificing The American People, Destruction & Deception Thrive

Cloud Computing: The Perils of Redefining God as a Celestial Microchip

First infant surrendered in Missouri’s only Safe Haven Baby Box

University of Notre Dame Refuses to Apologize for Bringing “Abortion Doula” to Campus

EXCLUSIVE: Atheist Mariana Mazzucato defends Pontifical Academy for Life membership, downplays abortion

11 States Will Likely Vote on Measures Allowing Abortions Up to Birth

Extreme ‘self-abortion to birth’ amendment revived in UK

University of Notre Dame Refuses to Apologize for Bringing “Abortion Doula” to Campus

Why I’m Grateful a Priest Never Blessed My Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (or My Irregular One)

Joel Osteen church shooter is transgender whose gun packed big political message  

Jesuits Receive 93 Abuse Complaints Against Former Priest College Teacher

Biden shells out $1.4 million to help 'transgender people' cope with COVID 'stress'                   2/13


Saint Benedict of Anian, Abbot

St. Buonfiglio Monaldo

Saint Apollonia’s Story

The Seven Holy Servite Founders

The Salvific Message of Lourdes

Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Theodora the Empress

God's Mother vs. Satan

This saint proves you don’t need to be talented to be holy

Latin Mass FrancisCanceled in Austin Cathedral

Cardinal Müller: Efforts to Explain ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ Add to Confusion Over Document

Traditionis Custodes: Francis' Axe Destroys Another Mass

Even doubters and deniers can find a spiritual home in the Psalms

The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Jordan Is Symbol of Reconciliation in Torn Holy Land

Harrison Butker - Super Bowl, Old Mass and Saints Quotes

Confession brought Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker back to the Catholic Church

Ciudad del Este: Francis Continues His Work of Destruction

The Church’s ‘other’ immigration problem

Bishop Strickland: Our souls are in danger if we live according to popular opinion over the Gospel

Divided bishops want to declare peace to people

Seattle FrancisDiocese to turn 170 parishes into 60

Be Specific in Your Thanks to God 

An Immature Teenager: Catholics Are Tired of Francis

‘A Church that seeks the truth’: The making of the 1st global report on child protection

Satan is gaslighting you. Make him stop.

Author combats demonic realm, youth suicide and gender confusion through biblical fiction

Defending the Family: Alberta's Bold Resistance Against Canada's March Towards State-Controlled Childrearing

Christian university reports record enrollment, up 10% since last spring

The First Fascist Saint?

Adam and Eve painting looted by Nazis returns after 80 years

European Parliament Condemns Massacre of Christians in Nigeria, Blames Climate Change

Woman firing gun at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church killed; 5-year-old child in critical condition

The Testimony of Baby Leo’s Life

Iowa pro-lifers celebrate closing of largest abortion center in state capital

Argentina: President Javier Milei wants to ban the killing of unborn children

From foster care to football star: 49ers Dre Greenlaw’s powerful adoption story

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers in Kansas City Win Donations Thanks to Chief’s Super Bowl Victory

The Glaswegian nuns who called the feminists’ bluff on abortion

Woman born in UK in the late 1950s shocked to learn how she was conceived

Joe Biden Will Lose Running on Abortion

Media outlet strains in vain to find impact of Dobbs on OB/GYN residency applications

Notre Dame’s Silence on Abortion Doula ‘Displays the Rot,’ Catholic Critic Says

‘Wrongful birth’ lawsuits show our culture has once again embraced eugenics

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court Approves Euthanasia

Former Dutch Prime Minister, Wife, Die Together With State-Sponsored Suicide

Sodomia supplicans: A New Development in Papal Insults

Democrat Hellhole Seattle to Spend $1.8M on All-Gender Waterfront Bathroom Facility

‘Transgender’ daycare worker who abused baby girl avoids prison time

Pentagon Secretly Institutionalized DEI In Its K-12 Public Schools 

MP: Dead People Should Be Allowed to "Change Gender"

Trans Daycare Worker Avoids Prison Time for Sexually Abusing Baby         2/12


Jesus, King of All Nations, is the Answer and the Divine Remedy to Our Ills and the Ills of Secular Society

Our Lady of Lourdes, (1858)

St. Paschal

Saint Scholastica, Abbess

The Last Visit of Scholastica and Benedict

St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio

Father of Mercies

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Paul and Ninety Companions


'It is always Mary who draws us to Jesus'

What exactly is sacred music?

Bishop Strickland: Life is a sacred ‘treasure’ from God that cannot be ‘disposed at our whim’

Catholic Bishop Condemns Joe Biden on Abortion: “Taking the Life of an Innocent Child is Never a Choice”    WE NEED ACTION!!!

Pilgrimages through Austria lead a British judge to the Catholic Church

Monsignor Bonivento: No, Scicluna, Celibacy Was Never "Facultative"

Friendly Fire: Canceling the Cancel Culture in the Church … and in Our Hearts

“Night to Shine”: highlight of the ball season for people with disabilities

Christians face increasing erosion of religious freedom in the West: report

City drops criminal charges against Ohio pastor who sheltered homeless at church

Thirty Christians killed in Israel’s war with Hamas, say church sources

Monastery study shows higher life expectancy among religious men

GMC clears Catholic doctor investigated for ‘trying to save patient’s life’

A ‘less masculine’ Church: Isn’t it already like that?

German seminary rector says he allows openly homosexual men to enter, become priests   ???

Is Catholic Charities a Federal Criminal?

Notre Dame’s Silence on Abortion Doula ‘Displays the Rot,’ Catholic Critic Says 

“You brood of snakes!”

‘I was stalked by a cult!’ — How I paid the price for blowing the whistle on ‘Christian’ cults in Norway 

A Church that seeks the truth’: The making of the 1st global report on child protection

ERLC political engagement guide aims to help Christians ‘think biblically’ about politics

Mom Refuses to Abort Her “Nonviable” Baby, Now Her Daughter is Happy and Thriving 

Iowa pro-lifers celebrate closing of largest abortion center in state capital

Premature Baby Born at 26 Weeks is Doing Great Five Years Later

A woman pled guilty to murder for DUI crash that killed a pregnant woman. The baby survived.

Thousands of Babies Like Him Have Been Saved in the Middle of an Abortion 

EXCLUSIVE: DC Medical Examiner Confirms It Will Not Immediately Destroy Baby Bodies

‘Pro-life Spiderman’ arrested after Vegas climb to raise money for pregnant homeless woman

Hypocrisy at its Best: Abortion Activist in the Vatican

Not One Single Pro-Life Law in America Puts Women in Prison for Having Abortions

Researchers question retraction of studies showing risks of chemical abortions

New Planned Parenthood video tells children ‘virginity is whack’

Satanic Temple Claims Abortion Is Part of Their Religion in Effort to Block Abortion Bans  

Virginia bishops urge laity demand lawmakers ‘reject’ assisted suicide

Does The Canadian Government Have The ‘Human Right’ To Assist In Suicide?

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court decriminalizes euthanasia

‘Trampling On Rights’: UK Parliament Sees Overwhelming Opposition To Extreme ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill

Commiefornia Teacher Gets Placed on Leave For Criticizing District’s Expensive and Ineffective “Woke Kindergarten”  

LGBT Group Gets New Leader

Now it’s time for Canada to ban ‘sex change’ surgeries for children nationwide              2/11



St. Cyril of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church

St. Apollonia

St. Apollonia and the Martyrs of Alexandria

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Miguel Febres Cordero

St. Romuald Monastic reformer and founder of the Camaldolese order

God’s existence can be known by the light of natural reason

Jesus, King of All Nations, is the Answer and the Divine Remedy to Our Ills and the Ills of Secular Society

TLM in the Fifty States, a Thread: An Ode in Images to a Traditional Catholic Renaissance that is Blossoming in America

Istanbul: Famous Chora Monastery to Reopen As "Mosque" This Month

The original ‘49ers’ chaplain

‘Silent Disco’ at Canterbury Cathedral leads to more voluble protest

Abp. Viganò: Pope Francis’ invitation of Anglican ‘bishopess’ signals his intention to ‘ordain’ women

Francis' Crusader Against the Roman Rite Was in Paris

Virginia bishops urge laity demand lawmakers ‘reject’ assisted suicide

The ‘Racist’ Reason Why Pope Francis Thinks African Bishops Refuse LGBT Blessings 

What your cold has to do with Adam and Eve

Crackdown on faith in Hong Kong is a warning to the West

"Like the Jesuits": A Cardinal Calls His Successor a Traitor

The key to defeating communism is faith in God, U.S. chairman of CCP committee emphasizes

'First I want to give glory to God'

GMC clears Catholic doctor investigated for ‘trying to save patient’s life’

Super Bowl QB Brock Purdy starts off every day reading this Bible passage

Super Bowl ads promoting Jesus to air again this year, and this billionaire family is behind it

‘More Than Just Football’: Super Bowl 2024 and 7 Players Who Pray

Families of abuse victims can sue Aussie Churches

“The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”

Prioritize Marriage, Not Same-Sex Blessings

Former lesbian who reverted to Catholicism shares her reaction to Fiducia Supplicans

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes Its Largest Center in Des Moines

USA: Only four indictments after over a hundred attacks on life protection centers and churches

Abortion seemed like the ‘easy’ choice to keep her pro-life parents in the dark. It wasn’t.

Michigan Abortion Advocates Lied, Now They’re Trying to Kill Informed Consent 

Abortion Activists Caught Faking Petition Signatures to Make Baby Murder Seem More Accepted Than It Actually Is

Black History Month reminds us of the millions of African American babies targeted by abortion

14-Year-Old Girl Suffers Perforation During Botched Abortion 

Biden administration awards nearly $2 billion to abortion organizations

Little Chance for a Dignified Burial for the DC 5

Commiefornia Sues Nonprofits Offering “Abortion Pill Reversal” Treatment

Suicide Machine Will Ask People Three Questions Before it Kills Them

Catholic priest and six others arrested in India under draconian anti-conversion law

Francis On Practiced Homosexuality: "I Bless Two People Who LOVE Each other"

‘One step forward?’ — How some American Catholics experience ‘Fiducia supplicans’

NFL hosts LGBT pride night ahead of Super Bowl; over 40K sign petition opposing event

Transgender Series Part 3: Detransitioner Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Will Yield $10M Judgments, Lawyer Says

Delta has recently promoted a trans-identifying pilot who repeatedly received bad reviews from captains

Former lesbian: A priest’s attempt to whitewash sin of homosexuality harmed me

South Dakota Forced To Apologize To Transgender Activists, Pay $300,000

Campaign Highlights Oreo’s Partnership With ‘Militant’ LGBTQ Group

Austria: Diocese Organises Blind Date For Homosexuals

“Gender Affirming Care and Young People.”   HHS pamphlet ???

SCIENCE DENIAL: Lia Thomas’ Biological Edge ‘Is Not the Problem’                2/9


Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

Saint John of Matha, Founder

St. Jerome Emiliani

Saint Jerome Emiliani’s Pilgrimage to Heaven

Saint Josephine Bakhita

The Formidable Forgiveness of Josephine Bakhita

Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Jacoba dei Settsoli

MARIA: MATER MEA, FIDUCIA MEA — Confidence in Mary

The Filioque in the Eastern Fathers

Faithful Catholics are suffering. Meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary can help

A thought experiment shows the power of the Eucharist

‘A mountaintop moment’: How the Eucharistic Congress wants to unify the Church

Lent challenges us to question what we treasure in life

EXCLUSIVE: Catholic bishop in the Holy Land reveals the war’s devastating impact on Christians

The return of the monks: Trappists make a new start in Norway

French Bishop: European Bishops Are Mute Dogs

I Hope You’re Clinging to Christ: My Thoughts on the “Catholic Cartel”

“You brood of snakes!”

Tomoe, Fr. Yasuda & Google’s microchip

India’s bishops: ‘Attacks on Christians now common’

Carnival: A [Former] House of God Gets Feathered

More Christians charged, harassed in India under anti-conversion laws  

Oxford Oratory celebrates uptick in adults received into Catholic Church

Catholic Church challenging Quebec MAID euthanasia law on religious freedom grounds

Valentine's Day Singles Mass regardless of sexual orientation

"Spontaneous Blessing" Hoax: Two Homosexuals [Pseudo] Blessed At Eucharist

Pope brings the Chinese Dragon to life

EXCLUSIVE: Insider reveals stunning new details of Pope Francis’ Vatican maneuvers

Watch: Saints QB Jameis Winston, with His Child in His Arms, Gives Fiery Speech Honoring God  

House Resolution Moves Forward To Place Nigeria Back On The CPC List For Its Slaughter Of Christians

100 years of US experimentation with lethal gas executions

Metaverse use dips among churches as Zuckerberg remains committed to VR   ???

Would Irving Berlin Be Able to Publish “White Christmas” Today?

LEGO to release Notre Dame de Paris model in June

Single Mom Didn’t Have Any Money for Abortion, Now She’s Happy She Kept Her Baby


Baby Born at 24 Weeks Was the Smallest Preemie Ever at This Hospital, Now He’s heading Home 

Minister requests medical examiner hand over bodies of 5 late-term aborted babies for burial

Take it from an ex-abortionist: Many pro-abortion arguments are cynical lies

Live Action’s ‘Baby Olivia’ fetal development video is medically accurate despite media claims

A Man Climbed the Las Vegas Sphere Today to Raise Money for a Pregnant Homeless Woman [VIDEO]

Christian pastor sentenced for sign with Bible quote outside abortion clinic in London

Woman describes ‘nightmarish’ abortion pill experience: ‘No one had warned me’ 

El Salvador’s pro-life President Nayib Bukele wins re-election in a landslide

Legislator Holds Her Baby in Her Arms While She Promotes Killing Babies in Abortions 

Bioethics journal argues pregnancy is a ‘disease’ like the measles

Satanic Abortion Statue Heading to Houston to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dutch law allowing euthanasia for children takes effect

Pro-Life Leaders Condemn Pandemic Agreement With WHO, Which Calls Killing Babies in Abortions “Essential”

Foster Care and Gender Ideology Collide in Oregon Case

Faithful Ontario Catholic school trustee continues to be targeted after opposing LGBT agenda

Demons: Trans Activists Mock One-Armed Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton at Library Event by Bringing Stuffed Shark

The Government Accidentally Confirms It Has No Real Evidence to Support So-Called “Gender Affirming Care” for Minors

Transgender Series, Part 2: ‘Truthful Therapist’ Explains Why Parents Can’t Trust Mental Health Professionals

Leftists are trying to find ‘transgenders’ in history to legitimize their cultural revolution

Hypocritical Organization Celebrates Women in Sports While Also Pushing for Trannies to Be Included

Pope Claims You’re A Hypocrite If You Oppose His ‘Blessing’ For Homosexual Couples

Univ. law clinic: UN must investigate Texas for banning minors from drag shows, trans surgeries

Fugitive teacher caught, charged with child porn, soliciting a child for sex

Hospitals Are so Committed to the Tranny Cult That They Are Willing to Break the Law

WATCH: Republican candidate torches LGBT grooming books with flamethrower                         2/8


Why adoration is an essential type of prayer

Saint Romuald, Founder and Abbot

Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Rizzerio

Notre Dame rises again: Paris unveils grand reopening plans for Dec. 8


Beautiful, ancient Marian miracle stories can be found at Princeton web

Messages to Child Visionary Pertaining to the Warning, Chastisement, Luisa and the Divine Will!  22  min.

Is it possible to prove the existence of God?

The parish at the top of the world

Cardinal Müller criticizes the 'childish behavior' of bishops who suppress the Old Mass

‘American Bishops Offer the World an Example of Courage,’ Says French Bishop

Does Vatican II Have Supreme Authority?

Melkites Caught in the Middle

Crybaby Tucho: Catholics Are Using My Pornographic Writings Against Me

Archbishop Emeritus Aguer/Argentina: “A division of continental proportions in the Church”

‘Cardinal Bigfoot’ and the return of la Suprema?

Sodoma Supplicans: An Argentinian Archbishop Rebukes Two Italian Cardinals

90 Catholic Priests, Scholars Ask Church Leaders to Oppose Same-Sex Blessings

Hirelings Bishops unfaithful to Christ and faithful to the Oath of Omertà to Bergoglio

Chilean nun who voluntarily spent 18 months in prison during Covid wins prestigious award

Weinandy: Francis Even Worse Than Bad Popes of the Past

The Political Engagement of Jorge Mario Bergoglio ad maiorum Soros gloriam

'Sauerei' in Willisau

Open Borders Germany: Catholic School Warns Parents, 'Regardless of the Time of Day, Don't Let Your Girls Walk to School Alone'

Empathy for the Devil?

Christian Mom Warns of ‘Idolatry and Wickedness’ Seen on New Taylor Swift Album Cover

Super Bowl 2024: Meet Father Steve Kim, San Francisco 49ers’ Catholic Chaplain

C.J. Stroud responds after NBC removes his Jesus praise from interview clip

Most Evangelical pastors say sports betting is 'morally wrong,' survey reveals ahead of Super Bowl

Child of sexual assault shares why he’s thankful that his mother chose life

8 Great names from early Christian saints for a baby boy

Alaskans march for life through snow, freezing temperatures in Anchorage

Union of Catholic Mothers sticking up for families at time of ‘great unrest’

Notre Dame student journalists sue pro-abortion professor after prevailing in defamation case

Medical Journal Hides Studies Showing Abortion Pills are Dangerous for Women

Catholics join battle for Poland's pro-life laws

Judge rejects Yelp’s bid to dismiss Texas lawsuit over ‘deceptive’ labels on pregnancy centers

Pro-lifers temporarily block alliance between WHO and abortion extremists

EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Leaders Call on Jordan, Johnson to Repeal ‘Weaponized’ FACE Act

Woman Dies After “Routine” Surgical Abortion at Australian Abortion Clinic

Big Abortion plans to use pharmacists to both prescribe and dispense abortion pill

Euthanasia is becoming disturbingly ‘normal’ in Western culture

Radical Leftists Want to Force Catholic Hospitals to Euthanize Patients 

Transgender Series, Part 1: What Is Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria and Why Does It Matter?

WOKE TYRANNY: Aspiring foster parents could be prohibited from adopting children if they don’t push gender ideology at home

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Oregon drag queen arrested over child sex crimes at home salon

Campaign Highlights Oreo’s Partnership With ‘Militant’ LGBTQ Group

AUSTRALIA: Transgender TikToker Pleads Guilty to Child Sexual Abuse Charges 

Biden State Department Funds Program to Create Army of 2,500 ‘LGBTQI+ Allies’               2/7


Saint Titus, Bishop

St. Paul Miki

More on the Nagasaki Martyrs

Saint Dorothy, Virgin and Martyr

Fatima and Fiducia

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Joseph Strickland Reacts to the Controversy About Gender Roles

Argentine archbishop criticizes cardinals who back Fiducia Supplicans

Seattle Archdiocese announces plan to merge parishes

When Sin Is Defined By Geography

THE DEEP FAKE: Globalism’s Plan to Criminalize Free Speech

Panama’s Cardinal Lacunza apologizes for his disappearance: ‘It was a stupid prank’   ???

Mrs Bishop Indoctrinates Francis’ Council of Cardinals

Pope turns to female theologians on women’s roles in Church

Pope Francis silent about Christ, Catholicism in new messages on anniversary of Abu Dhabi document

WATCH: New York Vocations Director Accused of Seminarian Abuse

Jerusalem: Orthodox Jews Attack Benedictine Abbot

FBI Deleted Records on Infamous Memo Targeting Pro-Life Catholics After Whistleblower Made it Public

Why French farmers have the support of the Church in their protest movement

Over 350 American Churches Have Been Attacked, Joe Biden Has Done Virtually Nothing

Exclusive: Lourdes bishop hopes to make decision on Rupnik mosaics by spring

The greatest tragedy is that the church was involved in this spectacle in real time”

Evidence of WEF’s ‘Satanic Rituals’ Emerges from Davos?

Judge Dismisses Satanic Temple’s Lawsuit Against Idaho Abortion Ban

‘Barbie Jesus’ - Why Seville’s Holy Week poster is an international debate

Baby Girl Born at 22 Weeks is Now Thriving 5 Years Later

Lawyer warns 2021 law could see Canadians jailed for impeding euthanasia, abortion

Katelynn Took the Abortion Pill and Immediately Regretted It, Thankfully Baby Aubrey’s Life Was Saved

Pro-life organizations support Donald Trump's candidacy

Arkansas Awards $500,000 to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Helping Pregnant Women

The premature birth rate is rising. Could IVF be a contributing factor?

Planned Parenthood Gave Me the Abortion Pill. My Pain Was Insane, I Bled Everywhere, Then I Saw My Dead Baby 

‘Slippery Slope to Infanticide’: Why I’m Opposing the Unlawful Florida Abortion Ballot Initiative

Viral TikTok video shocks users with link between birth control and blood clots

Helen Alvaré: Pro-life scholar and speaker who upends stereotypes

Biden claims he's not for 'abortion on demand,' but for 'three trimesters'

Australian wife and mother dies following first-trimester abortion

Biden Admin Orders Destruction of Five Full-Term Aborted Babies, Potentially Hiding Criminal Evidence

Canada study shows push for organ donation after euthanasia

VIDEO: “Bisexual” NYC judge recuses herself from custody case after trying to hook up with mom on “swingers’ app”…

UPDATE: Montana Parents Who Accused Child Protective Services Of ‘Kidnapping’ Daughter For Refusing Gender Transition Reportedly Face Arrest

White House To Enshrine New Department of Education Rule Strengthening Protections for ‘Gender Identity’

Insane Leftists Want Trannies to Be Able to Have Their Gender Legally Changed After They Die

Behold: NYC is the most evil city in the US. Look what they just did to this poor father

Transgenderists and the Occult

Is the New York Times starting to back away from 'sex changes' for children?                 2/6


The Holy Martyrs of Japan

St. Agatha Virgin and Martyr

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Gonsalo Garcia

Saint Philip of Jesus, Martyr of Japan

Homeless Man receives a Miracle when he prays his first Rosary (1 min.)

Scriptural Litany to Live the Grace of Martyrdom

Bishop Strickland shares a message to priests who do not vigorously defend the sanctity of life

Father of Mercies

The Spiritual Struggles of a Christian

The importance of watchfulness in prayer

Bishops Helping Deploy Major Migrant Crime Wave Across America

Russell Brand: God is directing a global ‘awakening’ in response to growing authoritarianism

The Great Ecumenism: Wolves and Sheep Are One Family

Will the Pope Listen? Stop Laughing!

A Wearying Pontificate Nears Its End

Pope’s Contortions to Avoid Telling the Truth about Homosexual Relationships

Fernandez, Armed with the Fiducia Supplicans, Crosses the Rubicon.

‘No Verse From The Bible Should Be Prohibited’: Preacher To Appeal Conviction For Holding Sign With Scripture Passage

Why French farmers have the support of the Church in their protest movement  

The Level of Francis' Appointments: Missing Cardinal Speaks of "Stupid Prank"

Discipleship: Becoming a Spiritual Mother or Father

Catholic Church refutes accusations of helping alkaline attacker gain asylum   

Vatican: Rupnik’s Art Is Still in Demand


Khorchide, professor of Islamic religious education, criticizes the taboo nature of criticism of Islam

Taylor Swift: “I’m a Christian” and People With Real “Christian Values” Support Abortion

Years after adoption, a distinctive birthmark helps birth mother recognize son conceived in rape

Abortion Pill Reversal Saved Her Baby Girl’s Life

Austrian doctor forced to pay parents for ‘wrongful birth’ of child

Bioethics expert team of the Polish Bishops' Conference: The morning-after pill is immoral

USA: "Catholic" Joe Biden charges pro-life activists after blocking an abortion clinic

Sick Teacher Who Photographed Himself Sexually Abusing An 8-Year-Old Girl At Afterschool Program May Have Assaulted Other Kids

California School Drops $250,000 On ‘Woke Kindergarten’ Program to “Disrupt Whiteness”, Students’ Grades Dip Even Further

British Lawmaker Calls for Dead People to Be Able to Change Their Gender

Ohio and Michigan Republicans Unite to Oppose Mutilation of 'Trans Kids', Liberal Media Defends Butchering...

Viral Video: Teacher Teaches Student to Think About ‘Transphobic’ Attacks on J.K. Rowling

Beware of Wolves

Oklahoma Drag Queen Principal Offers Resignation          2/5


Saint Blaise, Bishop and Martyr

Two Martyrs for One: Blaise and Ansgar

St. Blase was a healer of bodies and souls as a doctor and faithful bishop of the Church

6 Wonderful Bible quotes to make you smile!

Homeless Man receives a Miracle when he prays his first Rosary (1 min.)

Our Lady of Good Success and the Purification, February 2

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Berlinda

16 Years of Carmelite prayers led to a deathbed conversion

Bishop Strickland: Christ calls each of us to have a ‘strong, joyful’ faith like the martyrs

Zen: There Is Nothing Good in Homosexual Concubinage

Catholic diocese of Hong Kong ‘working with CCP’ to effect ‘Sinicization’: report

Hong Kong’s Catholics face ‘collapse of religious freedom’ 

Third new bishop in China in just one week

BEAUTIFUL: African nun explains God’s will for the family


Vatican Statement: At Baptisms and Weddings, Every Word Matters

Could This Be Why Bishops Appear To Hate Trump And Love Biden?


'Never in the history of the Catholic Church has a document of the Roman Magisterium experienced such a strong rejection’


The Great Prophecy at Akita and the Mysterious Meaning Behind the Number “101”

The Catholic Church’s bishop-elect problem

90 Priests, Scholars Ask Bishops To Reject "Fiducia Supplicans"

Where are the U.S. bishops? Why isn't a single bishop on this list? 

5 Amazing Catholic sites to visit in Alaska

In LA, Gardens of Healing help abuse survivors reconnect with the Church

Belarus Bishops Reject Document “Sodoma Supplicans”

What's Finnish for Catholic?

A safe haven: Catholic oasis welcomes visitors in the heart of New York City

Republican Senators Demand the FBI Explain Its Deletion of Records on a Memo Targeting “Radical” Catholics

Comedian Rob Schneider: Jesus ‘Grabbed Me’ and I Want to Spread His Message

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil: What in the World Is Happening on College Campuses?

Homeschooling: Increasingly in the Crosshairs

Catholic Schools That Teach Life Begins at Birth Aren’t Just Anti-Christian, They’re Anti-Science

EU-funded extremism researcher admits she wants tradwives, 'far-right' female influencers censored

Christian Movie ‘The Hill’ Soars to the Top Spot on Netflix 

World Watch-List Sheds Light On Global Christian Persecution

Group Launches New AI “Purifying” Tool That Puts Conservative Clothes and Removes Tattoos on Half-Naked E-Girls

Leftist Group Smears Religious Freedom Summit; Democratic Co-Chair Responds

Christian Man Charged With Hate Crime for Defacing Satanic Display

Bizarre Satanic Tapestry Displayed at WEF Davos Summit

The Real Nature Of Satan Clubs—To Indoctrinate Children Against A Biblical Worldview

'Our largest ground game yet': Pro-life group to spend nearly $100M in 2024

I Was Conceived in Rape. Some People Say Abortion’s Okay in Cases of Rape, But I’m Glad I’m Alive

Is ‘abortion pill reversal’ safe? Watch as one doctor explains the facts.

Pastor Found Guilty of Breaking Law By Holding Sign With Bible Verse Outside Abortion Biz

'None of this will bring my children back'

Joe Biden Wants to Put This Father in Prison for a Decade for Protesting Abortion, But He’s Fighting Back

Pro-life journalist sues FBI for access to records on Knoxville Planned Parenthood arson

Live Action’s ‘Baby Olivia’ fetal development video is medically accurate despite media claims

The Abortion Clinic Offered to Kill My 28-Week-Old Baby in an Abortion for $11,400 No Questions Asked

What the media doesn’t tell you about the abortion industry is darker than you think

Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Video Claims Virginity is “Completely Made Up”

28-year-old book blogger with chronic fatigue gets euthanized

Maryland Catholic bishops condemn state’s latest push for physician-assisted suicide

Sharia Britain: Conservative MP Mike Freer Resigns Amidst Islamic Intimidation and Threats to his life

‘We Exist!’ The Testimony of an Ex-Gay Man

Bribery Biden Spends $200,000 in Taxpayer Money on App That Teaches Trannies How to Sound Like Real Women

Leading pro-life organization calls Alberta’s ban on sex-change transitions for minors a ‘political miracle’

Moms for Liberty Leader Warns “Black Lives Matter at School” Week Is a Marxist Attack on the Family

Montana CPS abducts teen from family after parents refuse to go along with LGBT “sex change” 

WATCH: VIP Perks for LGBTQ+ Illegal Invaders

Biden Administration Wants To Force Foster Parents To Sign LGBTQ Pledge

Rikers Rape Case Shows Female Prisoners Are Voiceless Victims of Gender Ideology

Gay Dad puts young kids on TikTok and encourages them to discuss homo sex accessories                   2/3


How God's glory shines

Christ, Consecration and Candlemas

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, the Purification, or Candlemas

Candlemas and the old lady's candle

‘Candlemas Day’ helps us see that Christ is truly Light

St. Joan de Lestonnac

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Flosculus

God exists. But is His existence self-evident? 

The Sunday Readings for February 2024 and Catholic Doctrine

Rare Video: Mari Loli, The Only Person to Know the Date of 'The Warning' Said This Will Happen First

Bishop Strickland calls out Rome for 'weaponized ambiguity' on women, homosexual blessings 

 Cd. Muller: Bishops who cancel and attack Latin Mass priests are just trying to get promoted.

Ireland’s vocations crisis reflects lack of ‘initiative’ and ‘evasion of issue’ by Church

Religious converge on Vatican amid falling numbers, growing scandals “Of the 508 consecrated communities that responded to a survey on the number of men and women who made professional vows in 2023, 438 reported having not a single member who did so”


Hong Kong’s Catholics face ‘collapse of religious freedom’

Father Ripperger: The ‘spiritual warfare’ of our times is an opportunity for us to become saints

Anonymous Nicaraguan priest details torture by Ortega regime

Protecting Our Belief in the Seal of the Confessional

Missing Cardinal Found

Liz Yore Offers Way To Hold Clergy Accountable For Aiding Invasion | Go To

BREAKING: Priests, scholars ask Church leaders to request the Pope withdraw Fiducia Supplicans

Filial Appeal to All Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church

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Senator calls for prosecution of Planned Parenthood in Missouri based on shocking video

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